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WWE Smackdown Live Result ! Sep 17, 2019

1 : Erick Rowan  vs  Roman Reigns

At WWE Smackdown 2019 Daniel Bryan landed on SmackDown LIVE and still demanded to the WWE Universe that Erick Rowan was his companion. Be that as it may, Rowan was not having it. He burned through no time hindering and emphasized that he would never again be affronted by Bryan. Accordingly, Bryan challenged him to take care of.

Bryan’s words, however, immediately transformed into a 2-on-1 strike by Rowan and the as of late returning Luke Harper, and the two huge Superstars overpowered Bryan with a huge blast.

Accordingly, Roman Reigns made a direct path to the ring to hop into the fight. The Big Dog developed to bring the battle appropriate to Harper and Rowan, however the numbers game was excessively. Erick and Luke cut down an ocean of security before tearing a ring obstruction free and crushing the previous Universal Champion with it. They at that point drove Bryan through the report table and left the blue brand totally crushed.


2 : Heavy Machinery vs The B-Team

Overwhelming Machinery proceeded with their hot streak, looking predominant as ever while toppling Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. The previous Raw Tag Team Champions endeavored to hinder the steaming trains without any result, with Dallas tumbling to the Compactor for another unequivocal Blue Collar Strong triumph.


3 : Chad Gable vs Baron Corbin’s

Nobleman Corbin demonstrated to be a definitive buzzkill for the WWE Universe on Monday night when he vanquished Chad Gable in the last round of the King of the Ring Tournament, however Chad Gable restored the buzzkill vibes today.

Lord Corbin was lounging in his freshly discovered imperial brilliance with a crown and staff, however his first regal announcement reverse discharges in marvelous style. Subsequent to calling Gable to the ring, Corbin had plentiful put-down toward the Superstar he crushed in the last.


4 : Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks

Booked to revive their notorious contention, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks set things straight in one-on-one activity, as the long-lasting adversaries were each hoping to create an impression after both neglected to leave WWE Clash of Champions with a title around their midsection.

Harsh ill will energized a furious confrontation between the two warriors from the opening chime, with Bayley going about as in excess of a fair-minded spectator, without a doubt. At the point when Charlotte secured Sasha in the Figure-Four, Bayley assaulted, finishing the activity in an exclusion and igniting the fuse a post-coordinate 2-on-1 strike. Unexpectedly, in any case, Carmella before long hit the scene to even the chances. Mella, unmistakably tired of Bayley’s ongoing activities, helped Flair ward off the previous WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

5 : Kevin Owens laid a lawsuit onto Shane McMahon

With the suit in his grasp, Shane went to the ring, seen KO in the group of spectators and called him to the squared hover to address the circumstance. Owens at that point spread out each and every off-base that Shane has submitted in the course of recent months.

Obviously having confidence for his situation, Owens was certain he would win. Furthermore, in the event that he won, there obviously was another provision in the suit: A proviso that would enable him to fire Shane-O-Mac!


6 : Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn vs Ali

Searching for recompense subsequent to losing to Ali half a month back, Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura rose to confront him in an arrival challenge. Be that as it may, the match was not intended to be. At the point when Sami Zayn snatched Ali’s leg during a pre-coordinate tirade, Nakamura exploited the diversion and savagely trapped Ali, accentuating the attack with a devilish Kinshasa.


7 : Randy Orton and The Revival; Brock Lesnar develops to provoke Kingston to a WWE Title Match.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston held his title against Randy Orton at WWE Clash of Champion, however his New Day brethren tumbled to The Revival, who verified the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. With ill will at present solid, Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E collaborated to take on Orton and The Revival on SmackDown LIVE.

After the match, however, the WWE Universe was shocked quiet by the abrupt reappearance of Brock Lesnar! After the gutsy WWE Champion asked Big E and Woods to clear the ring with the goal that he could remain solitary to meet The Beast, Paul Heyman issued a test in the interest of his customer. Lesnar needs to confront Kingston in a great WWE Title Match at the FOX debut of SmackDown LIVE on Friday, Oct. 4.



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