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WWE Bayley Victory Against Charlotte Flair ! Clash Of Champions !

WWE Bayley Holds SmackDown Women’s Championship at Clash of Champions.

The SmackDown Women’s Champion held her title by stripping the cushion and sending Charlotte Flair straight into the uncovered turnbuckle. Following securing the success, Bayley got her title and dashed out of the ring and up the slope without any aims of engaging The Queen’s response.

Bayley with more offense until Flair hammers her back to the tangle for a 2 tally. They return to the floor and Flair dispatches Bayley into the hindrance, and once more. Pizazz brings it back in for a 2 check. Energy centers around the leg and the knee now. The official gets in the middle. Bayley winds up pulling the turnbuckle cushion down while the arbitrator is occupied with Flair. Pizazz completes with the ref and goes to Bayley yet Bayley maneuvers her down into the uncovered turnbuckle, promptly covering for the snappy stick for the completion out of the blue.
As of late Charlotte tested Bayley to the match at Clash of Champions, and keeping in mind that Bayley acknowledged, she additionally sent Charlotte through a table in a similar portion, giving her a look at what was to come.

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