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Who will fall into the Titans War cage

Who will fall into the Titans War cage?

After what happened between the two during 2016, Aerostar is very upset with the attitude of Super Fly , who has continued to attack him in search of revenge after his mask fell before him. In the last stage of last year they both found everything, reaching their rivalry to very dangerous actions such as the stripper out of the ring with which Fly projected his rival, breaking a table. On January 20 at the Juan de la Barrera Gymnasium, both will be locked in a steel cage during the Titans War event , in which they will face Argenis , Carta Brava Jr. , Australian Suicide and Angelicwith the stipulation that the last two fighters inside the cage will be played masks or scalps in King of Kings.

“This January 20 all the people of the Juan de la Barrera Gym will know who Aerostar is.

I know there are other fighters in the cage but that does not interest me, I come by Fly because I am convinced that he is a bad loser, that does not assimilate that I have removed the mask and although it has already been a while obsessed with finishing with me. In our rivalry he has committed very violent and unprofessional actions, once he stepped aside causing me to injure me on a flight out of the ring, recently threw me on a table that I had placed outside and always spends it saying that He’s better than me. I’m just going to answer one thing :that that remains to be seen and that above the ring I have many resources, that is going to be seen in the Titans War, ” said Aerostar.

“I know that Fly is a very good element that has defeated wrestling greats like Super Caló, but I already demonstrated in the past that I can beat him and it will be like that again. Of the other rivals in the cage I am aware that they are great fighters, and if I have to stay with one of them in the end, I will bet my mask on King of Kings and if it were to be with Super Fly what better; I will prepare myself thoroughly to demonstrate at once who is the best in this rivalry, ”he said.

“When we started to form a team in the Royal Air Force I did everything possible to integrate myself, knowing that he and the other members were already a team.

However he always showed envy, we must not forget that one time he betrayed the technicians and even was the leader of the Militia, then returned and again caused problems when I tried to integrate with Venum, who was just making his debut. He showed a very bad attitude even with boys who were starting and that does not work. Last year, in his eagerness to prove that he is an original member of The Royal Air Force, he brought another of the founders, Laredo Kid, to dispute the Couples Championship to Dragoand me He also tried to lose him in our last defense but failed to do so thanks to the help of Psycho Clown . Fly has always looked for problems with me and I took off the mask, now do not know what he intends but what is clear is that I’m not leaving. ” Concluded the spectacular fighter who has shone in AAA Worldwide and Lucha Underground .

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