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Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins

Real nameColby Lopez
Announced height185 cm
Announced weight 98 kg
Country of birthUSA
Date of birthMay 28, 1986
Debut in the main rosterNovember 18, 2012
Debut in wrestling2005
Finisher nameCurb Stomp
Place of residence Davenport, Iowa
On August 8, 2010, Lopez signed a contract with WWE and was subsequently sent to the Florida Championship Wrestling training venue in September. At the same time, TNA and ROH tried to sign agreements with Lopez, but he refused and went towards WWE. September 14, 2010 Lopez, continuing to perform under the name Tyler Black, made his debut in the McMan ring, defeating Trent Barrett in a dark match before the SmackDown recordings.
September 30, he made his debut on FCW under the new fictitious name “Set Rollins”, losing to Michael McGillicatti. On November 4, Rollins met Uniko in a match under the Iron Man rules with a 15-minute limit. The battle ended in a draw in 1: 1. After Rollins, along with Uniko, Richie Steamboat and Ginder Mahal, he began to participate in the FCW 15 Jack Briscoe tournament. On January 13, 2011, Rollins defeated Uniko in the tournament finals and became the first ever FCW 15 champion (not to be confused with the FCW world championship).
On a March 25 home show, Rollins and Richie Steamboat defeated Damian Sandow and Titus O’Neill, winning the FCW team championships. On May 12, they lost to the Big Y championship with Calvin Raines.
In July 2011, Rollins began the plot with Dean Ambrose. On August 14, they held their first match, for the FCW 15 championship, according to the Iron Man rules with a 15-minute limit. Draw, 0-0, and Rollins defended the championship. Two weeks later, another match of the same, with a 20-minute limit, but again a draw. September 18 was the third match, with a temporary limit of 30 minutes, and again a draw, but already 2: 2. They decided to continue the match and, ultimately, Rollins defended himself with a score of 3: 2. September 22, he lost the championship to Damian Sandow due to Ambrose intervention. Thus, his 252-day rhine was interrupted.
At the Elimination Chamber 2012, Rollins appeared as a cameo during a John Cena training video. On February 23, Rollins defeated Leo Kruger and became the new FCW Heavyweight Champion. He lost the championship on June 16 in a match against Victor at the FCW home show.
After the WWE repackaged FCW and combined it with the NXT, Rollins made his debut on the second episode of the reborn yellow brand, defeating the Giro. Then he begins to participate in the tournament for the title of the first ever NXT champion. Rollins defeats Michael McGillicatti, Drew McIntyre, and finally Ginder Mahal, becoming the site champion. On October 10, Rollins held his first title defense, defeating McGillicatti. On December 12, another successful title defense was held in the match against Mahal.
On January 2, 2013, Rollins successfully defended the championship against Corey Graves in disqualification after the intervention of Roman Raines and Dean Ambrose, and on January 9, he lost the championship in the match against Big Y without disqualifications. Having lost the title, Rollins concentrated on the confrontation with Graves, whom he attacked during the match for the title of first challenger against Connor. The plot between them ended with a match with lumberjacks, which Raines and Ambrose scattered around the ring, and Rollins eventually won.Career achievements

WWE Achievements:

  •  WWE Universe Champion (2 times)
  •  WWE World Heavyweight Champion (2 times)
  •  Mr. Money in the Bank 2014
  •  Team champion RAW (5 times) – with Roman Raines (1 time), with Dean Ambrose (2 times), with Jason George (1 time) and Bron Strouman (1 time)
  •  Intercontinental champion (2 times)
  •  NXT Champion (1 time, first time in history)
  •  USA Champion (1 time)
  •  Eleventh Grand Slam Championship (current format)
  •  Twenty-ninth Triple Crown Champion
  •  Royal Battle Winner 2019

Achievements in other promotions:

  • ROH World Champion (1 time)
  • ROH World Team Champion (2 times) – with Jimmy Jacobs

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