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3 Amazing Things About ! WWE Clash of Champion 2019 !

1 : Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman

At the clash of champions 2019. That familiar saying of the will beating the aptitude rings a bell for Seth Rollins, who effectively guarded his Universal Title against Braun Strowman through a progression of occasions that could be depicted as something near inexplicable. Notwithstanding damage to The Monster Among Men and a superhuman exhibit of completing moves, Rollins may have lost the two his titles in a single night. In any case, that would do an insult to the exertion appeared by hero and challenger — Strowman was in that spot with Rollins the entire night and lost just barely — just as make light of the greatness of what was turning out to be the characterizing trial of Rollins’ rule … in any event until The Fiend appeared at give the champ a frightening sneak peak of the following part.

That was sufficient to win the match, yet on account of the landing of Bray Wyatt, the champ still left Clash of Champions on his back. The Fiend showed up at the highest point of the slope as Rollins was pausing dramatically, and dropped The Beastslayer with Sister Abigail before ruining him with the Mandible Claw. As Clash of Champions went off the air to the hints of Wyatt’s giggle, Rollins’ situation wound up perfectly clear. To win his title, he killed a Beast. He brought down a Monster to keep it. Presently, it would appear that he’ll need to deny a Fiend.


2 : Sasha Banks vs Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch

In one sense, Sasha Banks will get what she needed: The WWE Universe will discuss her in the wake of WWE Clash of Champions. Shockingly for The Boss, they won’t discuss her as the Raw Women’s Champion. Banks may have vanquished Becky Lynch, yet she did so by means of preclusion when Becky swung a steel seat at Sasha and wound up interfacing with the ref. The errant light up finished the match yet commenced perhaps the most out of control fight that the WWE’s Women’s division has ever observed.


3 : Erick Rowan vs Roman Reigns

Erick Rowan has said he’s a liberated person, and no one will until the end of time instruct him. That is by all accounts all well and genuine; he was absolutely unhinged and uninhibited for the aggregate of his No Disqualification triumph over Roman Reigns at WWE Clash of Champions. Be that as it may, it was the abrupt return of Luke Harper that fixed the match when Reigns started to rally, and the get-together was a fitting one. Indeed, even an animal like Rowan needs assistance every so often, and at the most critical moment, there’s no one who has your back very like family.

Before Harper made his essence known, be that as it may, the match was all Rowan, constantly. The previous SmackDown Tag Team Champion totally ruined Reigns from the bounce; put something aside for a Superman Punch to a great extent, The Big Dog basically had no response for the behemoth who had pursued physical and mental fighting against the previous Universal Champion in the course of recent months. Great lumps of the match occurred on the field floor, with Rowan getting the advantage by means of an Iron Claw through a table.

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